About ToBe

ToBe Advisory helps to make the world a better place by instilling ‘for-purpose’ as a key reason for profit in all organisations. We enable business leaders to be confident about their organisation’s:

  • profitability
  • sustainability
  • impact


We provide triple bottom line reporting processes, systems and insights; enabling business leaders to manage their organisation’s performance holistically across its numbers, people and environment.

ToBe Advisory enables you to:


Manage holistically

Companies that outperform manage profitability, sustainability and impact

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Confidently execute

Transparency across numbers, people and environment drives world class performance

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Improve what matters

Things may be going well, or otherwise; knowing what to improve requires critical insight

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Thought provoking perspectives

Elephant painted with ignore me

COVID and the Elephant

COVID got us talking about the mental health elephant that's been sitting in businesses; yet analytics could undermine removing it...
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Piggy bank wearing a crown

What cash is king really means

Cash is king is all about having strong positive cashflow, right? Not quite. Here's what it really means...
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Your purpose is not enough

There's alot of talk about the importance of purpose, which is completely correct; it's just not that simple.
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Updates and media releases from ToBe Advisory

Michael Watts has completed B Consultant program

ToBe Advisory's Managing Director, Michael Watts, has formally completed the B Corporation's B Consultant program...
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New business model!

In line with ToBe Advisory's first birthday, we're launching new services to help enable your organisation's success!
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