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About ToBe

ToBe Advisory is part of ToBe Group, which exists to make the world a better place. ToBe Advisory assists boards, business owners and management teams to better understand their organisation’s performance, enabling them to make better decisions on specific initiatives and future operations.

Business leaders have, for generations, struggled to align their strategies with execution. Understanding how an organisation is performing against strategy is elusive and evasive. Even with the plethora of technology available, it remains challenging. The founding basis of ToBe Advisory is to remove this challenge from business leaders, enabling them to get on with managing, improving and transformation operations in a way that exceeds expectations.

ToBe Advisory director and founder, Michael Watts, has a highly diverse skill-set. This includes strategy, finance, technology, transformation and governance, complemented by experience across the corporate, small-medium enterprise, public and not-for-profit sectors. He holds a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Western Australia.

ToBe Advisory is the culmination of Michael’s skills and experience. Working with various partners and associates, ToBe Advisory can assist you to understand where, why and how your organisation can be better.

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