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Define: Shared-value strategy

A compelling vision and strong strategy is essential to the sustainability of your organisation and its profitability. Strategy is more than just a plan, its a way of operating, ensuring your strategy is fit for the business landscape of tomorrow is key to future success.

Michael’s approach to strategy is based on the concept of ‘shared-value‘. This provides you with confidence in achieving meaningful financial returns, balanced with the needs of all stakeholders your business exists to serve – or put another way, we enable to you to pursue profit with purpose.

Demonstrate: Meaningful outcomes

Traditionally, business leaders concerned themselves with bottom lines—or, the monetary profits their businesses made. Today, leaders need to think sustainably. Triple bottom line expands on accounting based business management to include two other performance areas: social outcomes and environmental impact.

Michael enables boards and business owners to holistically understand and manage the performance of their organisation; across numbers, people and environment. Through processes and systems for collecting data, presenting information and identifying insights, we provide you with confidence that you’re achieving financial goals whilst meeting social environmental and governance (ESG) objectives.


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